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he was absolutely non violent etc etc and the veterans home he was at started adding drugs that made him irritable then transferred him to a hospital for increased anxiety then put him on a bunch of non necessary drugs including seroquel, excelon patch, luvox, all of which cause severe dehydrationand he was already almost dead due to dehydration a year prior after being put on lasix for left foot pedal edema he didn t have and being diagnosed with pneumonia which i don t think he had and they discharged him back to the nursing home after 3 days on rocephen and within 1.

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lasix is the strong and fast diuretic , which sulfonamide derivatives, intended for cure of edema syndrome in patient with chronic heart failure, edema syndromein individuals also with acute renal failure, including those during pregnancy and burns to maintain fluid excretion , edema in nephrotic syndrome, hypertension.


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