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However buy 50mg imuran, even if a chro- sister of a fetus who developed oligohydramnios mosome anomaly were to recur in a future pregnancy, it sequence as a result of a renal abnormality, will also have does not necessarily mean that the fetus would develop renal abnormalities that do not cause any problems or 828 gale encyclopedia of genetic disorders symptoms.

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Inflammation of the pancreas is a rare side effect from ImuranIf you have symptoms such as severe stomach painvomitingor oily stoolscall your doctor right away.

A small clinical study has indicated that standard therapeutic doses of Imuran do not deleteriously affect the response to polyvalent pneumococcal vaccineas assessed on the basis of mean anti-capsular specific antibody concentration.

Relief of chronic renal insufficiency by renal transplantation involving the administration of . Imuran has been accompanied by increased fertility in both male and female transplant recipients.

Fevernight sweatsweight losstirednessfeeling full after eating only a small amountpain in your upper stomach that may spread to your shouldereasy bruising or bleedingpale skinfeeling light-headed or short of breathrapid heart rateor nausea.

Imuran is an immune system-suppressing drugThat means that it can theoretically halt the attack of the immune system on your nerves if you have multiple sclerosisThe drug can be used to slow theprogression of MS in people who are not responding well to other treatments.

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if your doctor tells you to stop taking imuran or the tablets have passed the expiry date, ask your pharmacist what to do with any tablets left over.