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As an immunomodulator in the management of upper and lower respiratory tract infectionsallergic disorders of the upper respiratory tractskin and soft tissue infectionsdental and periodontal infectionsocular infectionsbone and joint infections and urinary tract infections.

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Other benefitsSeptilin possesses antipyreticreduces feverpropertiesIt is also beneficial in respiratory . tract infectionsincluding chronic tonsillitispharyngitischronic bronchitisnasal catarrhmucous membrane inflammation of the respiratory tractand laryngitis.

LicoriceYashtimadhuenhances immunostimulation and increases macrophagewhite blood cells that ingests antibodiesfunction in vitroIt is also an antiviral agent and an expectorantwhich is beneficial in asthmaacute or chronic bronchitis and chronic cough.

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septilin is an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory herbal formulation.