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AllopurinolZyloprimenhances the ability of cyclophosphamide to reduce production of order cytoxan manufacturer cells from the bone marrow.

What are possible late side effects of treatment with cyclophosphamideWith the use of this drugthere is risk of developing side effects months or years after treatment has been completedIn rare instancesa secondary malignancy may occur as a result of receiving this drugA secondary malignancy is a new and unrelated cancer that occurs in an individual as a result of previous treatment with radiation or chemotherapyPatients should ask their physician about the possibility of developing a secondary malignancy as a result of their treatment.

Continued use of cyclophosphamide is contraindicated in patients with order cytoxan manufacturer depressed bone marrow functionCyclophosphamide is contraindicated in patients who have demonstrated a previous hypersensitivity to itSee WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS

Cyclophosphamide treatmentwhich causes a marked and persistentinhibition of cholinesterase activitypotentiates the effect of succinylcholine chloride.

Cyclophosphamide for InjectionUSPlyophilized powderis a sterile white cake . containing cyclophosphamide and mannitol and is supplied in vials for single dose use.

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