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If your physician has instructed or directed you to take generic for norvasc medication in a regular schedule and you have missed a dose of this medicine, take it as soon as you remember.

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norvasc has been compared to placebo in four 8 12 week studies of patients with nyha class ii iii heart failure, involving a total of 697 patients.

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these drugs include the immunosuppressent cyclosporine restasis, neoral, sandimmune , calcium-channel blockers norvasc, cardizem, procardia and others , the antihistamine terfenadine seldane , the antiviral agent saquinavir invirase and the hormone estradiol, according to world s healthiest foods.

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in prevent, 825 patients with angiographically documented coronary artery disease were randomized to norvasc 5 10 mg once daily or placebo and followed for 3 years.


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