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54 located along the malecon, havana s waterfront boulevard, this elegant hotel is considered a classic among cubans.

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Atuing intntionally dsignd intios and sot-inspid amnitis, Avana La Jolla Apatmnts mbac modn living. Ou gadn community os on and twbdoom apatmnts nt in Univsity City, San Digo, CA. Situatd in dsiabl La Jolla Colony, you can walk tclctic local stauants, high-nd shopping plazas, and wll-maintaind hiking tails ight om ou ont doo.

At Avana on Scond Apatmnts, w’v catd ou homs tmt th volving nds modn living. Situatd on a quit, sidntial stt in dmond, Oklahoma, ach thapatmnt homs in ou luxuy community boast contmpoay atus and classic styl. you convninc, ou living spacs a ull-siz in-hom wash and dy as wll as slk ngy-icint G appliancs. Plus, with contmpoay hadwood-styl looing and soothing, nutal intios, Avana on Scond Apatmnts is you dstination timlss modn luxuy.

At Avana La Jolla Apatmnts, w on and twbdoom apatmnts nt in San Digo, Calionia. St in chaming whit stuccbuildings with stiking til oos, ou luxuy apatmnts boast modn dsign and dsiabl upgads. Cook lik a ch in you updatd goumt kitchn atuing stainlss-styl appliancs, a convnint dishwash, and slk cabinty with ampl stoag. Ou contmpoay living spacs a inishd with dak wood-plank looing tcomplmnt you modn asthtic and laidback styl.

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