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At steady state, when the cyp2d6 pathway is essentially saturated, paroxetine clearance is governed by alternative p450 isozymes that, unlike cyp2d6, show no evidence of saturation see precautions tricyclic antidepressants tcas .

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Swallow the extended-release and regular tablets wholedo not chew or crush them.

Controlled-release tabletsContinuous regimenInitial dose12.5 mg orally once a day during the menstrual cycle Maintenance dose25 mg orally once a day during the menstrual cycle.

Paxil CR12.5 mg PO qDay initiallymay increase by 12.5 mg qWeeknot to exceed 37.5 mg/day.

CommentsThe daily dose may be increased in 12.5 mg increments at . weekly intervalsaccording to clinical response and tolerability.

UseTreatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms associated with menopauseBrisdelleR

Risk of mydriasismay trigger angle closure attack in patients with angle closure glaucoma with anatomically narrow angles without a patent iridectomy.

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