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Almost ninety percent of Hoodia Gordonii users are of the belief that it has no side effects at all on the bodywhich is true to some extentbut not absolutelyThere are two reasons behind thisThe first one is that its side effects do not show up or are not detected quicklyunlike caffeine in green tea and other stimulants found in other appetite suppressantsSecondeven if some people know about itthey tend to ignore it and are just overwhelmed by the weight reducing effects of hoodia and the fact that it is in such high fashion todayYou take it and you fall in the same line with Britney Spears!

BruynsP.V2005Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar Volume I Umdaus PressHatfieldSouth Africa.

Spinynon-rhizomatous succulent shrub with 3-many stemsup to 2 m tall and 2 m broadstems longerectcylindricfleshyhardgrey-green to browntubercles deltoidlaterally flattenedjoined into acute rows along the stemeachtipped with a sharp spineInflorescence usually arising towards the apex of the stemglabrousbearing 1-2 flowers opening successivelypedicels longusually spreadingcorolla rotate to campanulatesmall and deeply lobed to large and flat to shallowly cupularoutside smoothinside smooth to bristlyFruit a follicleerectconsisting of two hornsglabrous.

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species once falling under trichocaulon are loosely referred to as ghaap whereas those species that fell under hoodia in the strict sense are referred to as bobbejaanghaap i.