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Information about Depakote.

Get emergency help immediately if any . of the following symptoms of overdose occur while taking divalproex sodium:

Is there a generic version of DepakoteYesthe generic version is known as divalproex sodium and is sold in the U.S.

You and your healthcare provider should decide if you will continue to take Depakote while you are pregnantMore information about Depakote and the purchase depakote dr for birth defects is available from your doctorPlease see Full Prescribing Information with Medication Guide for the complete list of side effects.

Call your doctor at once if the person taking this medicine has signs of liver or pancreas problemssuch asloss of appetiteupper stomach painthat may spread to your backongoing nausea or vomitingdark urineswelling in the faceor jaundiceyellowing of the skin or eyes

Depakote can cause liver failure that may be fatalespecially in children under age 2 and in people with purchase depakote dr problems caused by certain genetic disorders.

Is Depakote habit-formingDepakote has no habit-forming potentialbut purchase depakote dr is not recommended that you discontinue use of the drug before talking with your doctoras withdrawal symptoms can occur.

Are there any disadvantages to DepakoteThe biggest disadvantages of Depakote are potential side effects which include possible liver damage or pancreatitisPregnant women are also typically advised not to take the medication due to the risk of birth defects.

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