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Html anti viral, zovirax, valtrex, aciclovir, acyclovir cream 5 , famvir, symmetrel, combivir, rebetol, retrovir, sustiva, zerit, epivir hbv, monoket, copegus, epivir.

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Information about Copegus.

If you are in one of the groups listed under . special populationsspeak to your doctor about the most appropriate treatment options.

Before treatment startspatients should talk to their doctor about all their health conditionsincluding if they:

Pegasysa premixed solutionis dosed at 180mcg as a subcutaneous injection once a weekCopegusavailable as a 200mg tabletis administered at 800 to 1200mg taken twice daily as a split dosePegasys is currently available at pharmaciesCopegus will be available in early 2003The two products will be sold separately.

Ribavirin is a prescription medication used in combination with other drugs to treat chronic hepatitis C virusHCVinfectionRibavirin is a type of drug called a nucleoside analog that works against HCV by interfering with its ability to reproduce itselfRibavirin is sold under several brand namesincludingbut not limited to CoPegusRebetolModeriba and RibasphereThere are also generic forms of ribavirin available.

There is a risk of liverkidney and heart problems and a greater risk of developing anemia for people over the age of 65 who are taking ribavirin.

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