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Clinical trial with cystone proved the value of cystone as a non-toxic diuretic.

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Cystone is a popular product for urinary support made by Himalaya Herbal HealthCareCystone provides overall support for the kidneys and bladder for normal urinary tract functionRecentlyHimalaya decided to change the name from Cystone to Uricare.

1 Department of Cell Biology and Biochemistry2 Department of Microbiology3 Medical Services and Clinical TrialsResearch and DevelopmentThe Himalaya Drug CompanyBangaloreIndia.

ShilapushpaDidymocarpus pedicellatais known for its antilithiatic propertywhich prevents the formation of urinary stonesAs a lithotripticShilapushpa helps dissolve kidney stonesThe herb is also known for its antimicrobial properties.

Keywordsbacterial adhesionlipid peroxidationantioxidant enzymeshydrogen peroxideurinary tract infection.

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