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There were 4 nasal erosions and 1 nasal septum ulceration which occurred in patients who received beconase aqueous nasal aerosol, and no erosions or ulcerations noted in patients who received placebo.

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nal Impaimnt : Th phamacokintics mupiocin hav not bn studid in individuals with nal insuicincy.

Us BACTOBAN cam only as dictd by th halthca povid. It is xtnal us only. Avoid beconase sale BACTOBAN cam with th ys. I BACTOBAN cam gts in th ys, ins thooughly with wat. Dnot us BACTOBAN cam in th nos. Wash you hands band at applying BACTOBAN cam. Us a gauz pad cotton swab tapply a small amount BACTOBAN cam tth actd aa. Th tatd aa may b covd by gauz dssing i dsid. pot tth halthca povid any signs local advs actions. BACTOBAN cam should b stoppd beconase sale th halthca povid contactd i beconase sale, sv itching, ash occus. pot tth halthca povid gtth nast mgncy oom i sv allgic actions, such as swlling th lips, ac, tongu, whzing occu [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ]. I nimpovmnt is sn in 3 t5 days, contact th halthca povid.

BACTOBAN ointmnt is a psciption mdicin usd on th skin (topical us) ttat a skin inction calld imptigthat is causd by bactia calld Staphylococcus auus and Stptococcus pyogns. It is not known i BACTOBAN ointmnt is sa and ctiv in childn und 2 months ag.

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