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And those patients may do better on astelin, which is the only antihistamine approved for nonallergic rhinitis.

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I you’ taking aspiin tduc you isk blood clots and you ogt ttak a dos, tak that dos as soon as you mmb and thn continu ttak you cous aspiin as nomal.

Aspiin is not givn duing a stok, bcaus not all stoks a causd by a clot. In som cas, aspiin could mak . th stok wos.

Aspiin is not givn duing a stok, bcaus not all stoks a causd by a clot. In som cas, aspiin could mak th stok wos.

Ask a doctbyou giv aspiin tyou child tnag. Aspiin may caus y’s syndom (a sious condition in which at builds up on th bain, liv, and oth body ogans) in childn and tnags, spcially i thy hav a vius such astelin sale chickn pox th lu.

Popl with a high isk blood clots, stok, and hat attack can us aspiin long-tm in low doss.

W’v long known that aspiin ducs th isk hat attacks and stoks whil incasing you chancs suviving thm. But now this houshold dug may potct you in oth ways, too.

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