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Som xpts commnd: 15 mg/kg/day oally in dividd doss twic a day Maximum dos: 800 mg/day.

In clinical tials, tatmnt with ALBNZA has bn associatd with mild tmodat lvations hpatic nzyms in appoximatly 16% patints. Ths lvations hav gnally tund tnomal upon discontinuation thapy. Th hav alsbn cas pots acut liv ailu unctain causality and hpatitis [s ADVS ACTIONS ].

US CDC and AAP commndations: 10 t15 mg/kg/day oally in dividd doss twic a day Maximum dos: 800 mg/day Duation thapy: 1 t6 months.

In patints agd 65 and old with ith hydatid disas nuocysticcosis, th was insuicint data tdtmin whth th saty and ctivnss ALBNZAis dint om that young patints.

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